A Little Effort and a Lot of Faith

You have been given a chance to switch bodies and live someone else’s life for a day. Who would you go pick? Someone famous? Or perhaps someone rich? Or someone really good looking? Whatever you go for, it would probably be someone who you imagine has it easier than you, right? How many people would…

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On Monday, 5th of October, the spotlight was on teachers; from social media posts to feature stories of those who have gone beyond the call of duty. Interestingly, despite the fact that I am a teacher’s child, I did not give precedence to this day. If you ask why, the answer may not be satisfactory.…

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How are you Pastor?

Some of my earliest memories of Church date back to the ’80s. At that time the church program was designed like a sandwich: First service, Sabbath school, Second service. This was before the big sanctuary was built. Due to limited space, we had two congregations that would converge during Sabbath school. Then we had one…

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