Camp Meeting 2020

Naskia sauti, Naskia sauti, sauti Ya mama, sauti ya mama, sasa ni saa sita, sasa ni saa sita,
kwaheri mwalimu

I recall the countless times that we sang that song in kindergarten. It heralded a break from the rigours of school and launched the lunch break which was followed by a two-hour nap and a period of play. I still sense the distinct feeling of peace and joy that those words brought to us and the enthusiasm with which we prepared for and sung them out. “Saa sita” – the sixth hour – became synonymous with refreshment, release and rejuvenation.
God understood that, as humans, to be truly healthy, happy and whole we would need many “saa sita” moments in all areas of life. He made provision for them in the Bible through a system of mandatory feasts. You heard me right! God-ordained feasts at various points in the year for the exact purpose that their name signifies – feasting. He isn’t all about rules and restrictions, you know. He is about connection, interaction and enrichment between humans and their God and among humans across generations and social groups.
Over the centuries we have carried with us the essence of one such feast as a church- The feast of the booths or what we fondly call The camp meeting. Just like its original intent, we use the time to feast physically and spiritually. We make time to slow down from ordinary work so that we can connect, converse and commune with each other and with God. Back in Bible times, the Booth feast reminded the Israelites of living in booths during their wilderness experience as they headed to the promised land. Well, we do not live in booths, but this place feels like a wilderness in many ways. Even as we wait for our heavenly home, don’t we need a booth-like experience or, like my childhood days, a “saa sita” moment?
This year, more than any other year, with all that we have been through (the first half has been unlike any other) we need to pause. And pause we shall.
From August 8th to 15th 2020, we shall have our camp meeting. This one has all the hallmarks of modern camp meetings – incredible fellowship, uplifting music and transformational teachings on health, prophecy, leadership, family life, God and the real-life. These cater for all age groups.
Then there is a twist. It is virtual.
Of course. The prevailing social distancing rules mean we leverage technology to still provide this “saa sita” moment. Cognizant of the moments and traditions of this feast that include extending God’s care to others, we want to make it a giving moment. Since we love sharing in feast times. we purposefully lift an offering that we call “camp meeting offering” This helps to support worthwhile gospel efforts across Kenya. We, therefore, encourage you to partner with us in this endeavour.

Like all feasts, certain things need to be in place for it to be really special;
First, feasts have attendees, so we ask that you make time for this interaction. Due to the rich menu on offer, taking the week off from work will be a really good idea. But we are not all about feasting by ourselves. We love feasting with friends and family – and even enemies if such there be -because when the feast is done, even the enemies become friends. So on a serious note, there is something better than feasting and that is feasting with someone else. Please invite a friend, family, neighbour, colleague…someone.
Now, all feasts have a venue and though for this one, we will meet virtually, we ask you to make plans to be there. It is not just another webinar. It is lively, engaging and customized for you. It is an extraordinary feast because it has a spiritual incline to it. Therefore, prayer is a good thing to engage in, prior to and during the feast.
Are you new to any of these? Do not worry, prayer is talking to God as to a friend. So why not just open your fears, desires and curiosities to God as you would to a friend? As Him to give you a good camp meeting experience. If that is still a challenge, please make a point to attend the feast where you will learn how to engage with God lovingly and practically.
We are big on authenticity. We aren’t all about celebrities and performances. We have Jesus as the chief guest and He will speak to us through a host of His servants. These include the following speakers: (list of speakers)
He will also allow us to have a foretaste of heaven’s music through the following groups: Shofar, King’s Own, Final Appeal, Silvercord, Heritage Family Singers, Seraphim, Deacons’ Choir, Elders’ Choir, The Youth Choir, The Church Choir, the Junior Choir, Mothers’ Voice.
You want to hang out with Jesus and His friends, don’t you?
The feast is free to engage in but costs to put together so we ask that you help us so that together we can afford to have this “saa sita” moment. You can give your monetary contributions through (Give payment details) or if you want to offer support in Kind, please get in touch with us on (church contact details).
Now all
Naskia sauti, naskia sauti, sauti ya Yesu, Sauti Ya Yesu, sasa ni Makambi, sasa ni makambi. twendeni Makambi
This is my “saa sita” moment. What is yours?


  • | August 8, 2020 at 10:12 am

    Is it possible for me to have this Sabbath morning presentation by Dr Stiegel on Leadership?
    I would be grateful.
    Or if one can watch later?

  • | August 8, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    I really love that I can follow the camp meeting from wherever I am without covering the 500km+ to feast on the good programmes. I pray that technology behaves and we have flowing connection. Thinking of taking annual leave so as to fully enjoy the blessings galore.

    • | August 9, 2020 at 7:09 am

      Praise be to God.

  • | August 8, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    The leadership session was wonderful. Kindly I request for a copy of presentation by Dr. Herta Von Stiegel

    • | August 9, 2020 at 7:09 am

      Kindly share your email address with us.

  • | August 9, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Kindly requesting for the link to the family life sessions of today.

  • | August 15, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Nairobi central SDA thank you for setting the pace.
    Many churches shall certainly follow suit

    The camp was a rich blessing to myself and family.

    Till next camp or when we see Jesus

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